Question How do you fill and seal the capsule

Answer All capsules comewith instructions, a copy can be found on our How to use Page

Question What are the capsules made from and are they safe for the environment?

Answer The capsules are made from a Patented Formula containing Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

This is a water soluble and biodegradable polymer used to coat dried fruit and medicines for human consumption to name just a few…. We mix PVA with other food ingredients which provide a sustained release of highly effective attractants into the swim during the capsule breakdown.

Question The capsules are thicker than a bag, how long will it take to dissolve and will it leave a snotty residue?

Answer The capsules have been designed to be more robust prior to casting so you can fill with any

Bait or attractant, the thin windows should dissolve within 2-3 minutes, this ensures all of your bait reaches the bottom before the capsule splits. The rest of the capsule may take around 20 minutes to completely dissolve, during this time you can achieve a high level of attractants from our sustained release technology.

We use a different type of PVA which is used for bags, therefore there are not sticky residue left


Question Do you supply to tackle Shops

Answer Yes we do and can be contacted via our contact form or via phone